Anger Management

How a short temper, anger and rage might be affecting you and your life

Gripping tension in head and chest, furious, anxious,  and seeing red.  Feeling of having to do everything yourself, overwhelmed, and isolated.  Perhaps nobody seems to see your point of view, and you feel unable to get on with your life.  Feelings of guilt, shame and helplessness are another common aspect. Perhaps you are afraid you will or have already hurt others. These might be trauma, self-esteem and other such negative experiences.


How I can help you

During our initial consultation we shall together discuss the true source of your anger and feelings in a relaxed and fully confidential environment.  I will be able to reassure you of your quick recovery, work on coping strategies to help yourself during your daily life and provide a relaxation reprogramming under hypnosis.  During later sessions I will be closely monitoring your progress and delivering longer hypnotherapy sessions tailored to your immediate needs.  Anger masks our feelings of helplessness and injustice, whether they are situations you are facing now or in the past.  We can also unknowingly react with anger on the behalf of loved ones.


Your most daunting step to feeling well is achieved when you make that first appointment - contact me for a free chat on 07745720422 or email 

How does hypnotherapy work?

Unlike what one might have come to expect from the entertainment sector hypnotherapy is psychotherapy as devised by Freud in 1887. Hypnotherapy simply relaxes you to the point of allowing you to understand issues clearly and to apply the solution as directly as possible, avoiding the laborious conscious learning process.


What happens during a hypnotherapy appointment?

Following an in depth consultation I will be able to deliver a full hypnotherapy session. Throughout you will be fully aware and conscious while I simply sit and talk.  You are fully in control throughout the very pleasant and relaxing time.  You will leave feeling relaxed, calm and hopeful knowing that anger is simply a coping mechanism for other aspects of our life which make us feel helpless.