How your levels of anxiety and worry make you feel

Symptoms include racing heart, always on edge easily upset and startled, negative thoughts going round in your head, sleepless nights, sweaty hands, unable to cope, weepy, over eating or drinking to relax, stressed and exhausted.

Anxiety is our natural response to stress. Hypnotherapy is a talking therapy which directly addresses the cause rather than the symptoms.  However if you have been prescribed medication do not stop or change this unless directed to by your GP or other medical practitioner. 

How I can help you

During our initial consultation we shall together discuss the true source of your anxiety in a relaxed and fully confidential environment.  I will be able to reassure you of your quick recovery, work on coping strategies to help yourself during your daily life and provide a short relaxation reprogramming under hypnosis.  During later sessions I will be closely monitoring your progress and delivering longer hypnotherapy sessions tailored to your immediate needs.


Your most daunting step to feeling well is achieved when you make that first appointment - contact me for a free chat on 07745720422 or email 

How does hypnotherapy work?

Unlike what one might have come to expect from the entertainment sector hypnotherapy is psychotherapy as devised by Freud in 1887. Hypnotherapy simply relaxes you to the point of allowing you to understand issues clearly and to apply the solution as directly as possible, avoiding the laborious conscious learning process.


What happens during a hypnotherapy appointment?

Following an in depth consultation I will be able to deliver a full hypnotherapy session. Throughout you will be fully aware and conscious while I simply sit and talk.  You are fully in control throughout the very pleasant and relaxing time.  You will leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and on the path to recovery.

Scientific Studies and Evidence

"At the end of treatment John no longer suffered from debilitating anxiety or disabling migraines. He had ceased pain medication which he had been dependent on for some years. In the last session he reflected on his full and active social life and was planning an overseas trip." Australian Journal of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Vol 41(1), May, 2016. pp. 63-72.