How your worries, depression and anxiety is affecting your life

Depressed, symptoms of anxiety, agitated, unable to sleep or stay asleep, hopeless, unable to function as usual, no energy, needing to sleep all the time, over-eating or lost all appetite.  Dependant on medication and other drugs. Friends and family might have also commented on this change in you. Unable to enjoy recreation as you might have before. Feeling isolated as if behind a glass wall or having difficulty breathing.

How I can help  you

During our initial consultation we shall together discuss your background and difficulties in a relaxed and fully confidential environment. With the support of your GP and any other therapy you might be seeking I will be able to reassure you of your quick progress, work on strategies to help yourself during your daily life and provide at relaxation reprogramming under hypnosis.  During later sessions we shall go into in-depth specific treatment and will be closely monitoring your progress tailored to your immediate needs. Medical research recommends a minimum course of 10 sessions however each client is different and each case is addressed according to its specific needs.

Your most daunting step to feeling well is achieved when you make that first appointment - contact me for a free chat on 07745720422 or email 

How does hypnotherapy work for depression?

Unlike what one might have come to expect from the entertainment sector hypnotherapy is psychotherapy as devised by Freud in 1887. Hypnotherapy simply relaxes you to the point of allowing you to understand issues clearly and to apply the solution as directly as possible, avoiding the laborious conscious learning process.  In fact the hypnotic method was specifically developed for depression and anxiety.  It is still the best way to a permanent cure as it addresses the causes of depression and anxiety, unlike all other medication which only addresses the chemical imbalances.  Medication is not to be stopped or changed unless directly advised by your medical general practitioner.  If prescribed they are necessary to provide enough emotional and mental stability to embark onto talking therapy and hypnosis.  

What happens during a hypnotherapy session?

Following an in depth consultation I will be able to deliver a full hypnotherapy session. Throughout you will be fully aware and conscious while I simply sit and talk.  You are fully in control throughout the very pleasant and relaxing session.  You will leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and hopeful.