Life Coaching & Mentoring

How your current life situation might be making you feel

Dreading work or studies, unsure about the next step in life, relationship or career, feeling listless and demotivated, lost confidence and purpose, or even feeling out of control of your own circumstances.

How I can help you

During our initial consultation we shall together discuss what truly interests you in a relaxed and fully confidential environment.  You will be able to identify where and how you are stuck.  This will open the way towards immediate steps that will be clearly defined towards your goals.  We will together construct strategies to progress from week to week.  Hypnotherapy might also be useful to address aspects of confidence, self belief, and motivation.  Sessions are always flexible and are progressively adapted to developments.  

Your most daunting step to feeling well is achieved when you make that first appointment - contact me for a free chat on 01515156515 or email